About Us

About Us

There were not so many problems of hair,skin & health before 50 years.Because we were using chickpeas flour instead of soap,Arithha instead of shampoo,Multanimitti instead of fairness cream,Heena instead of haircolour.

We were using natural products at that time and now we are using artificial products with full of harsh chemicals with expensive rates on name of precious brandnames.

Bescause of these artificial products ,our hair,skin & health suffers from various disease.
Regular use of soap make our skin dry & dead,it creates wrinkles,acnes,black spots,aging & severe skin disease.

Longtime use of shampoo makes our scalp skin dry and dead,it creates problems like hairloss,dandruff & more hair related issues.

Longterm use of fairness cream & cosmetics damages skin texture & skin tone,it creates problems like pigmentation & black spots.

Longtime use of haircolour damages hair texture creates hair loss,split ends & eye related disease.
Longterm use of these products creates diseases but they appears after longtime and we can’t understand why it happens to us only.

We believe that some disease are not curable but we forget that immunity power is the best defensive system which protects us from so many disease & heal us without help of any medicine or doctor,so we have to use that type of products which helps our immunity power & works as premedicine,because “Prevention is better than cure”.

“Reborn naturals” does not use any artificial colour,artificial fragrance or harsh chemicals in their products.(Excluding Perfume segments) .

In treatments,only use of best products is not sufficient,It is our subconscious mind which has power to guide us,heal us in our worse physical or mental problems and the one who can identify this powers can use it effectively & make his life best.

It is the power of subconscious mind that it can “REBORN” somebody after some hours of death,not taking help of any medicines or doctors.It is “NATURAL” but people can’t understand how it happens and names it a miracle.

We give three dimentional treatments,physical treatments with Tips (Do’s& Don’t’s) & Exercise (Physical & Selftalk).

Skin,hair & health will “Reborn” “Naturally” of the person who will use products & therapies of “Reborn naturals”.

We offer guarantee with all our products & we give therapies with our level best efforts because we know, for you there is nothing more precious, than your skin,hair & health.

Not only products & therapies,we give Self-defense programmes for girls,Awareness programmes for students,Relaxation programmes for teachers.Relaxation programmes for senior citizens,Awareness programmes for staff & Motivation programmes for youth.


We give gifts,free services,free programmes and free therapies on “Magic Thursday” for our countrymen

If anybody has any problem in any matter, (Health,Emotion,Personal), We give free guidance* and free counseling* (*Term & conditions apply) on our Stress free india helpline  no.+919825877731


     We thank every person who plays an important role in our success and growth of our company.FDA commissioner Mr.Doshi ,FDA Inspector Mr.R.A.Patel who guide us.Mr.Bachubhai Sheikh Editor of Divya bhaskar and special thanks to our ALL VALUABLE CUSTOMERS,who gives us a chance to serve.


We offer guarantee with all our products & we give therapies with our level best efforts because we know, there is nothing more precious than your skin,hair & health

We give three dimentional treatments,physical treatments with Tips (Do’s & Don’t’s ) & Exercise (Physical & Selftalk).

Some of the reasons which give us distinction in the industry are:

·         No colour,No fragrance,No harsh chemicals-Natural products

·         Quality products

·         Guaranteed result

·         Kind Customer care policy

·         Hygenic Packing with care

·         Spot delivery system

·         Creditcard payment facility at your doorstep.

·         Safe packaging

·         100% care for our countrymen


“Success is never measured only by Profit. Product Quality,Customer Care Policy & Staff Care decides how long success lasts”.